Fretting the Small Stuff

ukulele  ukelele  folk  rock  americana 

Fretting the Small Stuff
Catchy, sweet, and charming, Ukulele Jim's third full album conveys a sense of wisdom and wonder with the ukulele.

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Liner Notes

"Fretting the Small Stuff plays out like a Greatest Hits album. From the very first song you feel you are meeting a familiar friend. As you settle down, getting comfortable in your favorite couch, sipping your favorite whiskey, the songs that follow just add to the mood. The breezy tunes combined with lyrics that range from humorous to personal keep you hanging on and waiting for the next song. Full credit to Jim for not letting the pace drop for the length of the album and you are just as happy at the last song as you were when the first one started up. Four stars." (Review by Radio Maverick)

"Jim's music sticks to the basics of good songwriting: nice melody around meaningful lyrics. Being a project put together via online collaborations, the results are impressive. A big thumbs-up." (Review by Ukulele Player Magazine)

"Catchy, sweet, and charming, Fretting the Small Stuff is James Clark’s third full album that conveys a sense of wisdom and wonder with the ukelele. In a sense, listening to Ukelele Jim is like falling in and out of love in Hawaii... A dynamic album, illustrating raw emotion and presenting it in a light-hearted, easy-listening fashion. A deep, romantic undertone is suggested throughout the entire album, but the playful ukelele pop creates a musical juxtaposition that keeps listeners from feeling burdened." (Review by The Band Lounge)


Cover photography by Christina Huh


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