Ukulele Jim

Folk from Santa Barbara, CA

Tags  ukulele  ukelele  americana  folk  rock  children's music 

Don't let the name fool you! This is no novelty act. Call it Cali folk with an island vibe.


The music of Ukulele Jim blends soulful songwriting with uplifting pop sensibilities. The unique combination of lively ukulele and sentimentally self-reflective themes is embodied in a style that he has truly made his own. For more than a decade Jim has been crafting a dynamic listening experience that resonates with people of all ages.

As a self-taught musician, Jim has been playing and writing music since 2004. He picked up the ukulele when he found out his wife was pregnant with twins, ensuring that his children would grow up in a home that was always full of music. The ukulele was a natural choice for its upbeat qualities. Music has become a cornerstone in their lives and has brought joy and purpose to his.

From his home studio in Santa Barbara, Ukulele Jim uses the convenience of the Internet to work with talented musicians from all over the world, creating a virtual group free from geographical boundaries. This collaborative freedom allows Jim to switch styles between acoustic solo pieces to songs with a full band sound.

Ukulele Jim has a singular sound encompassing everything that is wholesome about the Americana genre. The combination of his lilting voice with the sweetness of the ukulele result in catchy sing-along tracks that bridge the gaps between pop, rock, country and folk music.


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